Music Lessons & Coaching

Mission and Methods

Since you have selected this tab, you must be curious about me as a teacher and person. What draws me to teach a studio of students?

Throughout my life I have been touched by the beauty artists bring to our world. After a wonderful beginning music and violin classes in public school in 4th grade, my private teachers inspired and helped me to make this a part of my life. I feel it is one of my purposes to pass this along to children to enrich their lives with the arts, to learn how to learn and to develop the discipline used to accomplish their goals. Independent thinkers lead us through the 21st Century if they have a passion to learn. Besides the importance of learning the skills and technique to make music on an instrument, music lessons offer so much more to the student and family! A student of any age can learn to successfully express their thoughts and emotions, communicate through sound, and how to work with others to reach a common goal. Yes, there are many articles (of which you can find a selection of on this website) that discuss how learning abilities improve because of better brain function through physical manipulation, interpretation of symbols, etc.  But there are so many other aspects of life that learning an instrument adds to. Music is fun! It also takes persistence, patience, and focus.

For children to learn they need to first of all have a secure, creative environment where community is important; an inspiring studio that creates a climate for developing independent thinkers and providing lively discussions for children of all ages. My music lessons help to develop these skills through a three prong strategy, teacher – student – parent. Yes, you, the parent are extremely important for the success of the student. Helping them by encouragement based on consistent practice within the families schedule is essential. Bringing them to the lessons on time and a parents’ smile or show of glee can make a student enjoy the process so much more and move ahead! I also make an effort to encourage social interaction between students to create their own special community through parties, recitals, suggestions for musical activities together, and friendships that develop.

My family background was artistic. My Mother was a dancer (cover of Life Magazine as a pedagogue and had Martha Graham as an instructor.)  She instilled a love of movement and music in me as I grew. (I studied ballet toe work until 16 with dancers from the Ballet Russe.) It is extremely satisfying to me to give back appreciation and understanding of this art within my students’ studies. My brothers both played instruments. One is a jazz vocalist. I often use my piano skills in teaching other instruments. I have also traveled extensively through my work, and love to bring those experiences into my studio.

Parents have asked me how I come to my work with such energy. It is because I love seeing the bright eyes of the students during an "A Ha" moment and watching their confidence blossom. I enjoy working with motivated adults too in lessons and in the classroom. I am thankful to share their insights. They have often motivated me to explore many different avenues.

Music teaches us ways to problem solve, determination, patience, thinking out of the box, working with people in groups, how to work on projects through a process, resiliency, how to handle pressure, and the joy of completing a task well done. For many the experience of seeing people appreciate their accomplishments through “at home” concerts or my recitals is a tremendous self-esteem builder. Don’t we want all this for our children?

The building blocks taught in my lessons can lead to a professional career, and/or to a life of appreciation of the arts and all genres of music. Students attend concerts in the community that I perform in. This is important for a student to see what possibilities exist and to have an open ear and mind for many kinds of music.

I hope this gives you a feeling for my level of involvement and why your child would benefit from my instruction. Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you.

Musically Yours,